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Norethisterone 5mg Tablets
Norethisterone tablets belong to a group of medicines called synthetic progestogens and is used to delay menstrual periods. Before a womans period is due there is a fall in the level of progestogen hormone in the  Read More

Period Delay

Why would I need Period Delay treatment?

Although regular periods are a sign of good health, they can sometimes be very inconvenientand cause discomfort and pain. Therefore, women may want to delay their periods for a variety of reasons. These may include;
• A Special occasion (e.g. their wedding day or honeymoon)
• A sporting event
• A Holiday
• A Religious Pilgrimage (e.g. Hajj for Muslim women)

What does Period Delay Treatment do?

Any medication that will enable period delay will involve the use of hormones to alter your menstrual cycle. Period Delay treatments contain the progestrogen norethisterone which can be safely used to delay your period for up to 27 days.

What Period Delay Treatment Is Available?

The most convenient, effective and safe medication available is Norethisterone. Norethisterone is a synthetic progesterone. During the menstrual cycle, a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels vary. A drop-in progesterone is what triggers a period to start. Norethisterone works by keeping your progesterone levels artificially high, which prevents the triggering of a period.

Norethisterone should be taken three times daily to delay periods. While taking Norethisterone a few women may experience light bleeding, this will not be the smae weight as a normal period. Norethisterone gives you control of when you have your period so you can have it at more convenient point of your menstrual cycle. The maximum number of days that you can delay your period for is 27 days.

Norethisterone is not a contraceptive and will not stop you from becoming pregnant. If this is a concern you should speak to your GP.

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